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Big Brother 2010 Winner Josie Gibson having a colonic in Bali


Josie Gibson, Big Brother 2010 winner appeared in Bali to have a vacation soon after a 28 hr airline flight.

‘ I did not realize we had lots of flippin’ flight links!’ tells Josie, 26.

‘I ‘ve come along with Leigh James, my mucker. She’s a hairstylist and – she will just kill me for stating that she is 46 however appears 18.

‘She is a complete inspiration.

‘We have been doing yoga daily and I ‘m having a colonic tomorrow.

‘These people make you actually feel awesome and soon after this long flight, I will need all the assistance I would be able to get.’.

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10 Activities you should do while in Bali-Part 3


7) View the Live Volcanoeslake-batu-bali-volcano
Live volcanoes can sure be a sight to see and hundreds of them are located throughout all of Indonesia, but Bali alone has it’s own and each are quite famous. One of Bali’s most popular volcanoes is Mount Bali which is located in the town of Kintamani. This volcano is 2800m high with a large caldera lake and if you wake up early enough you can take a morning hike up Mount Batur to the top to catch a beautiful sunrise. Puri Besakih is Bali’s most scared temple and is located on Mount Angung which makes it a very sacred mountain and not to mention it’s the highest one reaching up to 3142m. If you get the chance to go on an East Bali tour in April, you will get to see the celebration of the Mother Temple’s anniversary (Pura Besakih) which is something worth seeing as the most important ceremonies in Bali are held there.

8] Shoppingshopping-bali
Bali offers great shopping! Many people like to go shopping when they are touring a new country or area and Bali is a great place to do this. You may want to visit the Galeria Nusa Dua, Matahari in Legen, Kuta Center, or the Ubun Market to find great things or a great bargain. As you will be able to see, the crafts and arts around Bali are unique so it’s not a surprise that they are well known for being skilled and creative in arts. You can find craft factories in and around Tegallalang. If you visit an eclectic shop in Ubud you will be able to see the creations of silversmiths from the village of Celuk and buy them at quite a better price.

9) Adventures and Activities on Landwhite-water-rafting-bali
Luckily Bali is an island that still has many of it’s natural state when it’s being compared to other popular tourist destinations. Though the towns in the south are more modern and have changed, there is still a lot to Bali that hasn’t been transformed. If it sparks your interest, you will be able to see the adventurous activities that the land of Bali privies for you in various locations.

The best way to get out of the busy tourist crowd is to see the jungles, mountains and rivers in Bali. Many people enjoy the popular activity of white water rafting down the scary rapids of Telaga River or even the scenic views Ayung offers. Bike riding is a good family activity and one with beautiful views and friendly local villagers would be to go from Kintamani down to Ubud. Another great family activity would be to visit the Taro Elephant Park that has a bunch of activities and accommodations that have to do with the elephants such as witnessing their intelligence that will humor you and riding one through the jungle, all a great experience. If you’re wanting to take a trip through the jungle in other ways you could take a quad  over the bumpy terrain or go canyon tubing in which you will float down a river in a tube through the jungle. Bali has obtained a new attraction as well which is the Bali Safari and Marine Park. This offers the people to view the wildlife culture and conservation in it’s natural habitat and also get to know about the culture of the ancient Balinese.

10)  The Sea Lifediving-bali
If you’re into diving and the ocean, Bali is known for some of the most amazing and colorful sea life you’ve ever seen! Amoung the top places recommended would be where the ship wrecks were in Tulamben and Amed, the North West region of Menjangan Island, and the East where Lembongan Island and Pandang Bali are. If you just want to go snorkeling there are lots of areas, but two to point out would be Sanur and Nusa Dua.






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10 Activities you should do while in Bali-Part 2


4) Join in on celebrations and festivalsceremony-odalan
Bali is a very religious country and each Balinese family takes part to their religion. With all the temples located here (hundreds actually) each one celebrates the anniversary of the temple which is called Odalan. Balinese consider this a community event because it brings everyone together to celebrate. The villagers go to the temple to socialize and pray which enhances good feelings between each other. The Balinese Hindu religion actually have a daily routine of offerings they place out in temples, symbolic locations and shrines that consist of Canang Sari (trays of flowers) to help please their Gods and send away any evil. Unlike many New Year celebrations, the Balinese spend their New Years Day, Nyepi Day, in silence with meditation and prayers. Though the actual Nyepi Day is spent in silence, the days leading up to it can be fun for tourists because the Balinese will celebrate with rituals and ceremonies. The Ogoh-Ogoh procession is very catching to the eye and ear with it being so colorful and loud on Melasti Day which is the day right before Nyepi. This would be a great celebration to witness!

5) Take some time to see the Padi fields
It’s not surprising that many visitors of Bali will head straight to Ubud which is located near the wonderful padi fields. Luckily to stay in Ubud you only have to take about a 45 minute drive from the airport, so it would surely be worth your time. Two padi fields that are among the top recommended to see are located at Tegallalang and Jarith Luwih, both being near Ubud.


6) Museums and Galleries
If you’re really into history and art, Ubud would be a place where you can find lovely paintings by local upcoming artists. It’s no wonder these artists are able to paint such stunning portraits, just take a look around at the tranquility and views they have in Bali. One can only see how inspirational such an area can be for the in depth paintings that are put up for everyone in Ubud village to see. It’d definitely be worth it to visit these museums and art galleries. To just name off a few of the top galleries in the area would be Neka Museum, The Agung Rai Museum of Art, Seniwait Gallery of Art by women, Antonio Blanco Renaissance Museum, and Komaneka Gallery. All highly worth a day or two’s time!

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10 Activities you should do while in Bali-Part 1


In Bali and looking for activities to do?  Here are 10 must do activities while you are staying in Bali.  Many of these activities are cheap or no cost at all!

1) Music and Dancinglegong-dance

Many countries are into music and dancing, and the same goes for the cultural people for Bali. The Gamelan will be played at festivals and ceremonies in which people are dancing to the beautiful flowing music. The dancers will be wearing costumes that are striking to the eye with all the colors and shining glitters that go in hand with the stories each dancer portrays of the Ramanaya with facial expressions and hand movements they have perfected. If you’re looking for these types of performances, there are many held in and around the Ubud area, so you don’t have to travel too far. Many tourists prefer to watch the beautiful Legong Dance that’s located in the Ubud Palace in the heart of Ubud. There are many other fun performances to see to watch such as the Kecak Dance and the Warrior Dance that are in different places throughout the town. Local Balinese, along with other tourists, are happy to watch the entertaining Shadow Play or Wayang Kulit shows during the evening if you’re out and about during the night and looking for something to see.

2) Treating yourself to a Spa or some Yogabali-spa-massage
If you’re staying in the Ubud area you will come to find all the health resorts and world class spas in the area as these are all upcoming in Bali. You won’t be limited to one certain treatment as each facility uses indigenous products and natural herbs that offer many various treatments, each very enjoyable. It is encouraged to visit a spa if you are looking to take a breather from the world and zone in on yourself for once. All the relaxation each spa offers will be sure to give your mind a break from family and any stress related to work and such. Everyone is due for a massage, and luckily the various types offered include hot stones, Shiatsu, and Aryvedic from the Balinese traditions. If you’re looking for a more traditional treatment a good suggestion would be Lulur and Boreh, these two are the most common. You may not even have to leave your hotel as some have their own private spas, healthy meals, facials and foot massages. Yoga is another great way to relax and holistic resorts have programs there with residential teachers to guide you through the yoga program to ease your mind.

3) Go to the beach and hit the waves

bali-beaches-kutaImagine walking on a beach that stretches on and on with beautiful white sand that comforts the soles of your feet. If you visit the many lovely beaches in Bali (including the most popular one Nusa Dua) you will get this luxurious feeling while you’re there. Not only will you be able to see the amazing white beaches but they come with secluded coves that may spark your interest. If you are planning on staying at a hotel along the beach, many come with nice restaurants that outlook the beautiful views of the ocean and some even with Beach Clubs. Since Bali is known to be one of the most famous places to visit for surfing, you may want to visit the Kuta and Uluwatu beaches that get some of the best waves.

7 more activities you should do while in Bali coming in the next blog

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Villa Jepun & Villa Tunjung at the Sanur Beach Hotel


An over looked accommodation at the Sanur Beach Hotel is the Villa Jepun & Villa Tunjung.  Both these villas are beach front and have amazing ocean views.

Each villas has a living space of 140 square in a tropical garden of over 1000 square meters.
Facilities include  11 x 4.50m lap pool and a Balinese Gazebo.
Living area includes a sofa bed for guests and a guest bathroom.
The dining area connects to the kitchen and breakfast bar.|
There is a ensuite bathroom with a jacuzzi and walk-in wardrobe in the master bedroom.

Services included when booking these villas include:
Airport in and out transfers.
Welcome drink and cold towels.
On arrival flowers, fruit and sparkling wine
Your daily breakfast can be at the Sanur Beach Hotel or in your villa.
Daly afternoon tea between 16:00-17:00 hr at your villa
Personal Butler service daily 07:00-22:00 hrs






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The Best Restaurants & Bars at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa


The Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa is a 5 Star hotel that has hosted King & Queens, Prime Ministers and Presidents for guests that are looking for a stay beyond there expectation.  As you can image guests with such high expectations also are very particular about the restaurants and bars they dine at.

Let me introduce you to some of the fine restaurants and bars at Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa

Maguro Asian Bistro

Maguro Asian BistroNusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa Asian Bistro has recently been renovated and is now open. The bistro presents you with the most popular dishes Asia has to offer.  The Maguro menu includes a combination of the traditional favourites including sashimi and sushi as well as Korean BBQ cuisine.  One of the popular dishes is the Japanese shabu shabu cooked at your table.

Other signature dishes include slow roasted wagyu beef checks and the traditional chinese dim sum.

Opening Times: Daily  12:00-22:30
Dress Attire: Resort casual
Guest Capacity: 58 people


Wedang Jahe  RestaurantWedang Jahe Restaurant
The Wedanh Jahe restaurant is a beautiful setting with it&s tropical lotus pond for breakfast and dinners.  The restaurant provides international buffet breakfasts and serves themed buffet dinners and international a la carte cuisine during the rainy season.

Opening Times: Breakfast  06:30-10:30 am
Rainy season (October - April) 18.30 – 22.30
Dress Attire: (lunch) Resort casual, (dinner) Smart casual attire
Guest Capacity: 270 people


Raja’s Balinese Cuisine Raja Balinese Restaurant 
The  Raja Balinese Cuisine  is a signature award winning Balinese cuisine restaurant situated just meters from the beach front and and parallel to the swimming pool, making dining at the  Raja a fantastic panoramic experience.

Raja’s restaurant which is translated as the Kings restaurant is furnished with wooden interior and exterior and other amazing Balinese artifacts giving the restaurant an authentic Balinese feel.  You have the choice of dining on the outside patio or inside in the air conditioned restaurant.

The Raja’s signature dish Bebek Betutu (a whole duck marinated in a secret blend of 16 Balinese spices, wrapped in palm leaves and slow cooked). Recommended as well is the award winning dish Palem Sari Ulam (steamed seafood in coconut curry pudding).

Opening Times: Daily, except Tues, 19:00-22:00
Dress Attire: Smart Casual
Guest Capacity: 64 people


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7 Recreational activities to do at the Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali


 The  Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali is a fantastic 5 star resort, water front  with a white sandy beach surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens.
Why 7 recreational activities?  Because it is my lucky number, and I assure you there is more then 7 activities to do at the Grand Mirage Resort but we will start here.1. Get into the water with the resorts water crafts.
The Grand Mirage resort provide  guests with Hobby Ocean Catamaran “Gateaway, Ocean Kayak Tandem, Ocean Kayak single, Ocean Surfe Bikes, Windsurfer, Paddle Boat
Buggy Board, Ocean Race Hobby Catamaran.  What a way to spend the day with your kids on the beach with a wide choice of water crafts which comes at no extra cost to’ All Inclusive Guests’
For a little extra you can hire motorised water crafts such as Speed Boat & Banana, Jet Skis, go Parasailing or Waterski or use the Glass bottom Boat & Snorkeling.Water craft activity at the Grand Mirage Resort
2. Try Sea Walking
Grand Mirage Resort now has a SEAWALKER. It’s now open for use by  Grand Mirage Resort’s guests.

3.  Hang out at the resorts Games Lounge
Want to stay indoors today?  Need some way of keeping the kids entertained?   Then hangout at the resorts Game lounge.
At the game lounge you have access to Nintendo WII  & play station with assorted games, table tennis, billard tables, air hockey table, darts, board games, dance TV station and a variety of books and magazines.
If there is a group of you how about using one of the lounges for Karaoke or Mahjong?:
Karoke Lounge for up to 8 pax
Small Karaoke Lounge each for up to 3 pax
Mahjong Lounge4. Play Tennis
The Grand Mirage Resort has 2 court tennis courts  with float lights for night use. Tennis group lesson are available as part of the guest activities program.

5. Play Golf

It is only a 10 minute drive to the The Nusa Dua Golf and Country Club from the Mirage Resort. The Nusa Dua Golf and Country Club offers  an extensive practice areas including  putting greens, driving ranges and chipping areas.  Individual and group lessons are available by experienced gold pros.

 6. Go Cycling

Bicycles are available for use from 10 am till 5 pm. 10. If you do not want to go on your own, there are regualar bicycle tours 3 times per weel.  There is a rental feel for non ‘all inclusive guests’.  This includes water bottle, helmet and the bike. You can cycle along the beach or through the villages

7  Get fit
Heaps of other activities are available for you to keep fit while holidaying in Bali.  Jogging and Power Walking, Aerobics, Pool and beach games, volleyball water polo.  The Grand Mirage Resort supply 8 different activities every day.
While you are staying at the Grand Mirage Resort & Thalasso Bali, I am interested to know what other recreational activities you may have done while staying in Bali.  Safe travels!
Water sports at the Grand Mirage Resort Bali
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