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Bali Group Booking Planning


If you ‘ve ever journeyed with family and friends to Bali, you are aware what an gratifying, rewarding experience it really is. Until something goes wrong as you can imagine, then everyone turns their focus onto the squad leader for a speedy solution.

If you ‘re designing your individual group trip to Bali, being out on an island like Bali can become very unpleasant. Here’s some points to help you with your group to Bali.

1. Count On the best but plan for the worst. While your co-travelers are on family vacation in Bali, you ‘re doing work – at least to the extent that all people are safe and secure. See the logistics of your trip to Bali and have a contingency alternative in case something goes amiss. Gather emergency contact data for all your travelers, and a list of any medication they are o.  This way, if something does go wrong in Bali, you will be ready to deal with medical professionals and family and friends back home.

2. Share the obligation. Not an accountant? Somebody in your group is probably perfect with figures. Delegate them the undertaking of group accountant for shared  food or beverage outgoings. Explore for members of your group which may also help set up transportation, tours in Bali, and ensure everyone remain faithful to schedule and is prepared for the day’s activities to do in Bali.

3. Protect your investment. Travel insurance for Bali would always be thought of as an unneeded expense that was pitched for elderly people. However, with in today’s times’s turbulent travel mood and stringent limitations on individual policy it’s a necessary evil. Search for a travel policy with “scrub for any ground” options.

4. Choose a Tour agent. If managing hotels, sightseeing, meals and activities is too far of a burden – hire a capable tour operator to design your group’s trip to Bali. This is particularly true when traveling to Bali.

Group travel planning to Bali is often a fun, rewarding experience if you comply these rules of thumb. For more group travel information to Bali, please contact our office.



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Why Choose Bali?

bali-the-place to-be

The globe is amazing full of locations which are all value thought when it is time to make vacation ideas. You will find not numerous locations, nevertheless, that may evaluate to a specific island in the Indonesian island chain. Bali travel melds journey, history and surprise into a solitary expertise that’s practically sure to make recollections to final a life time.

Situated only a couple of hrs away from Australia by aircraft, this uncommon location packs an excellent offer of enjoyable into 5,632 sq. kilometers. Here tourists will discover climate that’s ideal virtually throughout the year. With warm exotic temperatures ranging between 20 and 33 degrees Celsius regardless of time of 12 months, guests to Bali are frequently shocked to locate sunshine dominate even in the heavy of the rainy period.

When Bali journey is in mind, possible travelers will discover these factors have a tendency to attract vacationers from worldwide like moths to a flame:

bali-the-place to-be• The tradition - Balinese tradition is recognized for its unique arts, type of dance and delicacies. Those that strategy Bali journey will discover on their own arriving on the island that’s recognized the globe more than for its welcoming hospitality and distinctive traditions.

• The outdoor elegance - Bali is well-known for its spectacular location. The island is encompassed by warm turquoise waters that lap at white colored sandy seashores. From peaceful lagoons just suitable for the pool and snorkeling to much more “active” seashores that contact to users and journey sports activities lovers, the waters here are perfect for throughout the year enjoyable. While the seashores are definitely an attraction, they’re not the sole outside surprise that awaits these preparing Bali journey. This island can also be well-known for its lush tropical forests, energetic volcanoes, tiered rice paddies and extraordinary lakes and waterfalls.

• The adventures - Bali is among the couple of locations on the planet exactly where individuals could get up near and individual with grey monkeys, elephants along with a selection of other tropical creatures all on the solitary holiday. If fauna does not attraction, these on Bali excursions will discover that lots of other adventures await. Bali excursions can unlock adventures which are discovered nowhere else on the planet. From Odyssey Submarine journeys that consider holidaymakers in to the depths that encompass the island to some journey towards the eleventh century Elephant Cave, there’s no scarcity of possibilities to complete and see issues that can’t be skilled anyplace else.

• The background - Bali features a history that goes back a large number of many years. Proof of its most early inhabitants may be discovered inside a selection of places all around the island. In the temples within the Mount Agung complicated towards the wonderment in the Tanah Great deal, guest’s right here will discover significantly concerning the peoples and cultures which have touched Bali all through the ages. With its powerful ties towards the Hindu faith, holidaymakers will uncover that numerous in the island’s most splendid outside points of interest have also served as locations linked deeply to faith via the ages.

When an expertise like no other is preferred, Bali journey will provide. Mixing journey, surprise and background, this famous island provides tourists a chance to discover paradise on the planet.



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Bali Pool Bars

Many tourists visiting Bali spend a large amount of their time in the swimming pool, especially during Bali’s warmer season.  And one popular location in hotel swimming pools are the pool bars.  It is a mazing how many hotels do not have a pool bar, so before you make a Bali hotel reservation please check to see whether it has a pool bar, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of time in the pool.  Pool bars tend to server snacks, drinks and a good place to socialise and meet new people.  Some pool bars even server breakfasts, lunches and dinners and have a great variety of alcohol.

If you are staying at a hotel in Bali that does not have a pool bar you can always visit one that does have a great pool bar and pay a fee for the day to use it.  As long as you are eating and drinking from the pool bar most hotel managements in Bali do not mind.

Below are a few of our favourites we recommend, however if you have experienced a great pool bar in Bali let us know and we will add it to our updated list.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

@Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel

If you fancy light snacks, sandwiches, pizzas, ice cream and refreshing drinks in the pool, Kul Kul Pool Bar is the best place for you
Guests have the choice of comfortable sitting area inside a sunken bar or swing-up stools set in the pool itself
Happy hours from 6 – 7 pm
Chef Recommendation:
“Banana Rama”
Bailey’s – Kalua – Banana Liqueur – Cream
Special Recommendation: Discovery Burger
Open daily from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
Capacity: 78 seats



Kul Kul Pool Bar


@Grand Mirage Resort Bali

Swim to Coconuts, our sunken swim up pool bar and select from a wide selection of special coconut cocktails or just order a fresh coconut, picked from the Mirage own Coconut trees.


Coconuts Pool Bar



@Ramada Resort Benoa

The swim up pool bar is open from 10.00am to 8.00pm serving a full range of juices, beers and wines and selected snacks and light meals.


Celepook Pool Bar

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Horseback Riding in Bali

Experience the real serene environment of Bali’s western coast whilst riding equine back on a 2 hr trail trip. Travel via sloping grain terraces, along the sparkling dark sand seaside and via a Balinese town. Enjoy the breathtaking places including the waterfall, ocean salt harvesting area, a softball bat cave along with a natural rock and roll headland jutting out to the beautiful ocean

Popular horse riding companies in Bali include…

The Umalas Equestrian Resort Bali
Jalan Lestari 9x
Banjar Umalas Kauh
Kerobokan, Kuta, Bali

Jl.Nelayan No.63
Br. Canggu Tua

Bali Island Horse
Yeh Gangga Beach Bali

Please contact us for bookings




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Increase of British tourists in Bali

british tourists

British tourists have increased by approximately 26%  in Bali as compared to the same period last year.  This translates to being for the first semester of this year being 48,489 persons  which is an increase from only 38,526 persons for the same period last year.  Most British travelers come via international flights with  only a few coming via sea on ocean cruises.

This increase of British tourists pushes Britain up to ranking of 8th out of the top ten countries visiting Bali  after Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea and Singapore.  Interesting enough from the ten biggest countries which provides tourists to Bali, eight of the 10 increasing significantly with only two decreasing.  Including in the eight countries that increased are British, Australia 29.33%, China 8.29%, Malaysia 20.56%  and South Korea 0.99% .  The countries that decreased in visits to Bali were Japan and Taiwan.

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Great Surfing Beaches in Bali

Medewi Beach

Due to Bali’s distinctive position about the Indian Sea, swells tend to be guaranteed all through the year. This is really a god’s gift to surfers and it also makes Bali a popular among surfing lovers. Because Bali is actually very small, you don’t need to go far to locate that ideal wave. There’s also a number of surfing conditions to match your level.

Medewi Beach
Positioned in the town of Pekutatan, Medewi Beach is within a remote control area close to Ketket forestry. With swell-sizes which range from 2 to 8 ft, it attracts both the newbie and the reasonably experienced surfer.  The waves really are a little softer than few of the other beaches and also have workable left-hand breaks. The perfect season in order to surf Medewi Seaside is through April upto October.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach
Kuta Beach is situated right within the soul of the city and can be reached easily. You may even step from your hotel direct on to the exotic beaches. With waves which range from 2 to 6 ft, it’s especially suited to beginners. At higher tide, experienced viewers can make the most of Kuta Beach’s lengthy stretch of the sand club breaks in order to ride the actual waves in succession.

Padang Padang Beach
With the sloping hills of whitened sands, you are able to trek right down to the lengthy rolling surf at Padang Padang Seaside. You may camp only at that beach, and the actual instructors in the Bukit Peninsula surfing camp will educate you on all the moves you need to catch. Swells vary from 3 to 12 ft with excellent barrels. The only real downside to Padang Padang may be the sharp bottom, so it’s better to surf at high tide.

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach

Balangan Beach
Located about the western coast of Bukit Peninsula, Balangan Seaside is truly a paradise with regard to surfers. Swells vary from 3 ft to even 12 ft, with the very best swell path being towards the south.  High tide is fantastic for beginners for riding the reef’s lengthy left hands waves. The actual atmosphere of Balangan is very friendly as well as much less aggressive than Kuta Seaside, probably because of the fact that it’s less crowded.

Uluwata Beach 
Uluwata Beach is found in the panoramic village of Pecatu and it features stunning coral reefs. Swells vary from 4 to 8 ft, and a few describe that the actual swells are very hollow and quite fast. Throughout monsoon period, swells move in regularly at almost 15 ft. With legendary waves like these, it’s mainly for that more skilled surfer. Surfers having a high degree of expertise prefer this beach for his or her Bali vacations.



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Virgin Australia Flies Business Class to Bali


Virgin Australia has stated that they’ll be providing Business Class cabins on all flights to Bali starting in Australias major urban areas. Business Class passengers will have the ability to have pleasure in a compass of amenities and services that will incorporate priority check in at the flight terminal, a menu of gourmet meal and a choice of wine, and also improved space and extra comfortableness onboard flights.

Virgin Australia in addition to this announced Business Class on their most frequent domestic paths, to deliver passengers with the exact same service they would certainly get on international flights. The fresh cabins should include leather seating for extra lavishness, which recline to promote comfort. Flying as a Business Class passenger also permits customers accession to the airlines premium lounges, priority check in and gives them with an additional baggage allowance.

Some additional features of the Business Class cabin will include amenity kits giving passengers with pillows and blankets, a dining menu consisted of gourmet meals, crewman offering a consecrated and personalized service and a scope of reading.

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Nyepi Day 23rd March 2012 – Silent day in Bali

Cultures and religions all over the world have there own way of welcoming the New Year. Most western countries welcome New Year’s in celebration how Balinese open there New Year’s in Silence. Nyepi is the day of making and keeping the balance of nature.

Nyepi Day will be the 23rd March 2012 and the following is a lead up to this sacred day:

- Melasti or Mekiyis or Melis (three days before Nyepi)
- Tawur Kesanga (the day before Nyepi)
- Nyepi Day
- Ngembak Geni (the day after Nyepi)

Hotels do have exemption from Nyepi’s practices however streets outside the hotels will be closed to both pedestrians and vehicles (only airport shuttles or emergency vehicles are exempt). Village wardens known as Pecalang, will be present to make sure people stay off the beaches. So keep in mind wherever you are staying on Nyepi Day in Bali, please take time to respect the local culture and spend the day indoors. Nyepi day has made Bali a unique island.

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Accommodation at the Melia Bali

As you travel along the shores of Nusa Dua, admiring the white sandy beaches, you may not know but the amazing Melia Bali can be found, occupying 24 lush acres of tropical gardens. What’s even more spectacular is the huge swimming pool weaving its way through the grounds offering heaps of fun for everyone.

The resort is approximately a 20-minute drive from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport but within walking distance to all the services and facilities in the Nusa Dua area. For all you golf lovers, it’s perfect place to stay and have a game of golf at the Bali Golf and Country Club.

The Melia Bali offers a total of 494 rooms for guest accommodation. With a range of accommodation or room types available allows the Melia Bali to offer guests a home away from home for the families or a peaceful and relaxing time for couples.

So if you’re traveling to Bali and want a great place to stay in the secluded area of Nusa Dua, why not try the Melia Bali. Contact us today with your travel plans and we’ll do the rest. Melia Bali truly caters for all travelers.

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Nightlife in Bali Indonesia

Visitor and locals alike all enjoy a bit of entertainment when in Bali. While the locals know all the hotspots as well as the best times to head out into the night, visitors to our lovely paradise Island sometimes wonder where are the best places, what times do the open and close and so on.

We have decided to take a bit of time and list some of the popular places to go at night in different areas, however if you’re not sure about the area or nightspots, please check with your local support for more details.

Place: Ku de Ta Bali
Location: Jl. Laksmana, Seminyak
Opening Hours: 8:00am – 12:00am
Type: Ocean Front Restuarant

Place: Huu Bar
Location: Jl. Petitenget, Seminyak
Opening Hours: 11:00am till late
Type: Cosmopolitan Bar

Place: Musro
Location: Jl. Kartika Plaza, Kuta
Opening Hours: 8:00am till late
Type: Live Cabaret show venue

Place: Hard Rock Cafe
Location: Jl. Pantai, Kuta
Opening Hours: Sun to Thurs 10:30am – 1:00am, Fri & Sat 10:30am – 2:00am
Type: Café & Bar with Live entertainment

Place: Jazz Café Ubud
Location: Jl. Sukma, Ubud
Opening Hours: 7:30pm – 10:30pm
Type: Jazz Restaurant and Bar

Place: Blue Eyes Café
Location: Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 888, Sanur
Opening Hours: 12:00pm – 3:00am (Karaoke) 10:00pm – 4:00am (Club)
Type: Café & Karaoke Center

Place: Boshe VIP Club
Location: Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 89x, Kuta
Opening Hours: 1:00pm – 2:00am (Karaoke), 10:00pm – 3:00am (Club)
Type: Karaoke & Club

Place: Nammos Beach Club
Location: Karma Kandara Resort, Ungasan
Opening Hours: 7:00pm till late
Type: Greek Style Beach Club

Place: Klapa Lounge
Location: Pecatu Indah Resort, Pecatu
Opening Hours: 5:00pm – 3:00am
Type: Karaoke, Club and Lounge

Place: Bacio Club
Location: Blue Ocean Blvd, Legian
Opening Hours: Mon – Sat 7:00pm till 3:00am
Type: Bar & Club

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